About Us

A group consist of 6 people shared the same ideology of Play Hard, Work Hard and Stay Fun!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Although each of us has different aspiration and dreams, we share the same interest in Psychology field and traveling. Travelling bring us to explore new vacation spot and tasted different delicacies from that different place.

Here we are very fortunate by having such a group member which share similarity in interest!

Good Luck for all our group member

May God be with us in every Cooperation.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jake Chiu Park Boon

Chiu Park Boon

21 years old

Born in Petaling Jaya, at 5th March 1990.

Currently Pursuing Bachelor of Psychology in HELP University College after his STPM in
SMK (L) Bukit Bintang.

He is talkative, outgoing and ego.
He likes reading, driving and travelling.

He wants to be a clinical psychologist in the future.

"See the World with Conspiracy, you may found the truth"

By Jake Chiu Park Boon

Lee Chong De

Lee Chong De

21 years old

he born in Alor Setar, Kedah, at 4th of February 1990.

he is currently pursuing Bachelor of Psychology in HELP University College after he completed his STPM in SMK Taman Sea.

He is timid and shy when he is young, now he is an outgoing and confident boy.

He plan well for his future and waste no time on non beneficial activities.

He wanted to use psychology knowledge in business field in the future.

He will gain the ability to understand people and make good offer.

"Humans are interesting living creature because each of them differ from one another. you will never know how does and individual think until you started interacting with them."

By Lee Chong De

Amanda Hew Mun Yee

Amanda Hew Mun Yee

20 years old

she likes to eat, have fun with friend and family

she plans well for her future.

her dream is to get a Flying License so she can travel with her family in a small plane.

she wanted a house with swimming pool.

Currently pursuing Bachelor of Psychology in HELP University College after her A level Pre-U in HELP University College.

"Young people do crazy stuff!"

By Amanda Hew Mun Yee

Siak Kai Siang

Siak Kai Siang

20 years old

Born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
at 12th July 1991

Likes to play Computer Games, Swimming and Cooking.

he can be an outgoing and talkative guy but sometimes he just enjoy being alone.

Interested in study human behavior and the reasoning of certain behavior.

"I hope I can be a clinical psychologist and help the people who need me. That is one of the reason which I choose psychology because there are a lot of people who need some counsel."
By Siak Kai Siang

Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin

20 years old

Born in Selatpanjang, The Republic of Indonesia

at 14th December 1991

Likes to read all kinds of books, including Motivational, Religion, Self-Help, Psychology, fiction and Philosophy.

Currently Pursuing Bachelor of Psychology in HELP University College.

"My only dream is to live my life to the fullest, to live peacefully and contented, so that until the last breath of my life, I can say proudly and without regret, “I have done my best
By Jessica Lin

Hoh Yee Moon

Hoh Yee Moon

born in Rawang at 24th of October 1990,

21 years old

Likes to travel, Outgoing and talkative.
Living her live with Passion, Joy and No Regret.
Her dream is to travel a round the world and become a clinical psychologist.

Currently pursuing Bacher Of Psychology in HELP University College after completed her STPM.

"I like to meet and communicate with different people from different culture, race and country. besides i wish to know myself and others more using psychology knowledge"

By: Hoh Yee Moon